Sandbox Play

On Sandbox Play, pro gamers interact directly with real fans, indie titles and worldwide blockbusters bring players together, and global leaderboards show who’s the champ in real time.

Use your platform

Sandbox Play rewards influencers with premium profiles to share their content.

Customisable profile

Curate your images and what everyone can see.

Stay connected

Keep track of your followers and interact with them directly.

Get supported

Attract sponsors and brands, who like what you’re all about.

Share your brand

Update your achievements and post your content to keep your followers happy.

Be a part of something

Join communities dedicated to all kinds of games.



Get direct access to global communities of gamers who play your favourite game.


Discuss, share, engage and stay up to date with all the latest happenings.

Get involved

Join as many communities as you like and get front row seats to all the action.

Conquer global leaderboards

As your favourite games are integrated into Sandbox Play communities, log in and record your scores to see global, cross-platform rankings. Developers: use our SDK to integrate your game into Sandbox Play and reach new players whose goal is to conquer your worldwide leaderboard.

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